2020 Hurricane Season

Evacuation routes; it is as follows:

For your areas down there:  

35 to SH 172; take either SH 111 straight to 183 then continue on to Austin
or take I-10 into San AntonioI-10 or 
35 to 172 stay on 172 to Ganado, take Hwy 59 to SH 111 then 183 north,
continue on to Austin or San Antonio

Anywhere north of I-10 as far as possible will be good.


Click Here For A Complete Texas Hurricane Preparedness Guide





TRI-COUNTY POA OFFICE (361) 972-3998


Jackson County Sheriff's Office
115 W. Main, Room 104
Edna, TX 77957
Administration:   361-782-3371
Dispatch:          361-782-3541
Fax:                361-782-7574

Jackson Emergency Management Coordinator 
115 W. Main, Room 104 
Edna, TX 77957 
Phone: 361-782-3398 
Fax: 361-782-3071


Jackson County Electric Co-Op (361) 771-4400